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"Mariu" Expo 2023

Time without time…..hours in a space
Uncertain, where you don't know what time it is, or what time it is not, going around the world and back , space and time are lost, you are everywhere…. expressing in My Paintings, an explosion of feelings embodied in a sea of ​​suffering, which have brought me to the glory of expressing all the terrible emotions and turning them into creation, love metamorphosis, blessings…..
creating new worlds, where pain no longer exists, because it was sublimated by the paint brush and passion, concretized and expanded to infinity in a moment... helping women is my mission, women, creators of life and love because the Love did not exist until the woman created it, we must transform our environment and not allow anyone to step on us. That is my project as a woman, my project as an artist, my project as a survivor of the abuse of women, crush them by merciless men, every moment here I rise as a butterfly and I believe that is why it is so important because it contains tremendous emotion and revealing internal vital force, that age does not matter, nothing matters, what matters is to move forward, succeed and carry your message .

This does not mean I hate men , at the contrary , my actual husband helps me immensely and there are many good men in this world , that support Women.

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