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María Eugenia Pereira Quidiello, was born in Havana, Cuba, and is currently an American citizen and a Dominican citizen .
She carried out her first studies in Cuba, E.E. U.U. and in the College of Santo Domingo de la Dominican Republic.
Study Pedagogy Mention Plastic Arts at the
UPR in Puerto Rico, and two years of Design and Decoration at the University UTE (the Third Age,)
She won a scholarship in Painting at the Casa de la Cultura in San Juan, P.R., where she studied for a year. She also in Puerto Rico received classes from the renowned Puerto Rican painter Alfonso
Arana, (now deceased) and she was a resident of France for many years where he was very successful as a painter.
In 1979 she received classes in Santo Domingo from the great teacher Gilberto Hernández Ortega, until his death.
During her six-year stay in Guadalajara, Mexico, she collaborated in the painting of murals in private residences.
Back in Santo Domingo she received classes from Professor Marianela Jiménez, later with Cuban Professor Moisés Rodríguez and Don Germán Ricardo, reinforcing her techniques.
Having met the renowned painter Willie Pérez, son of the also renowned Maestro Guillo Pérez, in 2001 , she entered his painting academy ,receiving some classes and occasional advice from his father, Guillo himself.
Professor Willie Pérez recognized in her a style of her own that he related to "Neo-Expressionism", encouraging and inspiring her to continue her career in painting.
She studied quite little with each of these teachers, which actually "Mariu" (as her stage name is) is self-taught and original.
Among her paintings are represented;
the internal struggle between good and evil, the struggle for freedom, the creation of women, the transformation of self , the bottom of the sea where life arose.

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